Raising the standards of
decorative hardware.

We are here to provide the color, feel, finish, patina, weight and
texture of beautiful decorative hardware.
Each piece thoughtfully chosen to be appreciated every day.

decorative hardware
decorative hardware
decorative hardware
decorative hardware


Our focus is to offer our clients the most comprehensive collection of the world's finest hardware available. We aim to find and deliver that discerning hardware accessory. Our specialty design centre is stocked with a wide variety of architectural products for you to view. We are happy to assist you with each step of your home or commercial project. Feel free to book an appointment or visit our decorative hardware showroom to discuss your home décor needs today.

decorative hardware

Collection of the world's finest
decorative hardware

We are consultants and suppliers to architects, interior designers, builders, and client-owners. Together with respect for tradition, thoughtfulness, and recognising the value of collaboration. We work towards finding you the best hardware selection for each project.

Attention to architectural design

We have the ability to source the highest standards of precision manufacturing that is internationally available. This allows us to achieve our goal of beautiful architectural hardware for your home or commercial building delivered on time and on budget.

decorative hardware

Raising the standards of decorative hardware

Drop into our showroom today to take a look at our selection of the very best in decorative hardware in Canada. 

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