The McLellan Family

Tanya and her family have a passion! and over 25 years of experience in custom home & commercial building. They possess a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing cabinetry & doors as well as architectural hardware composition. In 2010, they identified a need to have their own decorative hardware showroom in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

After establishing a showroom in Ontario; Tanya and her family were able to build a customer base in the Cayman Islands and surrounding Caribbean Islands. In 2016 they were able to move to Grand Cayman and set up a showroom on the island. Today, the family now has two distinct showrooms in both Canada and the Cayman Islands, and they are proud to be an authorised dealer of many specialty lines from manufacturers all over the world.

Our Services

We believe in raising the standards of decorative hardware.

We begin the process by arranging an appointment at our showroom for reviewing the products and options. If the floor plans are available, it will help expedite the process and contribute to proper organization. Then we will meet with the project manager to review the drawings and identify the specific requirements of each hardware location.

Once the selection of hardware has been made, we will create a detailed schedule listing all the components necessary to produce a complete quotation on the project.

Meet our Team

Tanya McLellan

Project Coordinator 

Kailey Gnam

Project Coordinator