We believe in raising the standards of decorative hardware.

We do not have samples readily available as we offer thousands of different specialty ordered items. We work diligently to ensure we have the latest products on display for our clients to view, but it is also not possible for us to have everything on display from any one vendor’s product line. If you are unsure and would like to order a sample, we can accommodate this request at a cost to you.

Yes. We have numerous vendors that can accommodate specialty made hardware to your specifications. We would love to share your vision and work towards making it a reality.

We will contact you once your order is completely fulfilled and ready for pick-up. If you wish to be notified as your items arrive, please let us know and we will make sure to notify you accordingly. If you decide to pick-up a partial order, we require the order balance to be paid in full prior to releasing your products.

In most cases we can accommodate an expedite request if the vendor has stock. When it’s a custom made to order item, this will be more challenging however we can always inquire at the time of the order. If we can accommodate an expedite request, it will be an additional cost to you.

It will depend on the status of your order at the time of your request. If our vendors have not processed your order, then yes you can. If your order has been processed, then a new order will need to be placed.

No. As much as we would love to promise you a firm delivery date, there are too many variables that can affect or delay a shipment from a vendor. It is dependent on when your order was placed, the size of the order, how busy the manufacturer or supplier is, available stock levels, weather conditions, Customs Clearance and so on.

No. We are the authorised dealer for our manufacturers or suppliers products. All vendor ordering and purchasing must be performed by us.

No. We are the authorised dealer for our manufacturers or suppliers products. All product deliveries must be received, inspected and released by us.

Yes. We do require proper notification and the order balance must be paid in full prior to releasing your order. All courier expenses will be an additional cost to you.

No. All product warranty will be subject to the vendor’s terms and conditions.

It all depends on the status of your order at the time of your request. If your order has not been entered into the vendors system or has not been processed, then most likely we will be able to accommodate your request. If your order has already been processed or shipped, then unfortunately it will be too late to make changes or cancel your order. In a backorder situation where the vendor products are currently unable and you prefer not to wait for it to be manufactured, we can request the order be cancelled. In all circumstance, we will always try our best to fulfill our customer’s requests whenever possible.

Unfortunately in most cases we do not allow returns or exchanges due to a number of reasons. We offer special order products with custom ordering options from our vendors throughout the world. The products we offer have been specially ordered for you and in some cases manufactured to your specifications. Most of our vendors don’t offer refunds or exchanges and if they do, there are considerable restocking fees and return shipping charges that would apply. In addition, we have paid the import costs, which are not recoverable – making it extremely difficult to return products for any type of credit or exchange. We have invested heavily in our showroom and displays, welcoming our clients to view our products in order to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.